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Annual Reports

This page contains data reports published by the Vermont DOC on an annual basis. 

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Citation- 2011 Act 41 Section 5: “The Department shall calculate the rate of recidivism based upon offenders who are sentenced to more than one year of incarceration who, after release from incarceration, return to prison within three years for a conviction for a new offense or a violation of supervision resulting, and the new incarceration sentence or time served on the violation is at least 90 days.”

The definition of a prison sentence is sentenced to serve (maximum) more than one year (US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics). Thus, recidivism does NOT include the incarcerated individuals released each year with a shorter "jail" sentence of one year or less.

Note: Due to the definition of recidivism provided in the above citation, the most up-to-date recidivism calculation is for 3 years prior to the current calendar year.


Recidivism Calculation 2008-2018


Budget Performance Measures

As part of the annual budget report, the DOC provides performance measures for programs and services provided by the DOC. This information is updated each winter with data for the previous fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). 


Fiscal Year 2022 Performance Measures for Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Presentation

Fiscal Year 2021 Performance Measures for Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Presentation