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Offender Services

Risk Intervention Services (RIS) are structured activities which have been integrated to support sentenced offenders who are at a moderate to high risk of reoffending by presenting them with the skills to be successful in Vermont communities.  Services can include group and individual clinical services, education and workforce readiness classes provided by Community High School of Vermont (CHSVT), work related opportunities provided by the Vermont Correctional Industries (VCI), and other evidence-based activities which address the thoughts and behaviors leading people to commit crime.  Services are provided in facility and community based settings.

Risk Intervention Services promotes the safety and wellbeing of Vermont communities by providing offenders with targeted intervention.  Risk assessment tools are utilized to identify need areas for each offender to focus on while participating in Services.  Valid and reliable risk assessments could include evaluation of risk potential for committing future crime and further potential toward domestic violence, substance use, and sexual abuse.  Utilizing this information, RIS creates individualized plans for all required participants to address offender need areas while also considering their diverse strengths and barriers.