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About Us

The operating philosophy of the Vermont Department of Corrections.


To be valued by the citizens of Vermont as a partner in prevention, research, management, and intervention of criminal behavior.


In partnership with the community, we support safe communities by providing leadership in crime prevention, repairing the harm done, addressing the needs of crime victims, ensuring offender accountability for criminal acts, and managing the risk posed by offenders.


Responsibility, Commitment, Integrity, Judgment, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Compassion


We believe:

  • In the inherent worth and dignity of all individuals;
  • In treating people with respect and dignity;
  • That people can change;
  • In individual empowerment;
  • In fairness throughout decision making;
  • In non-violent conflict resolution;
  • In the value of individual, cultural, and racial diversity;
  • In respect for the liberty interests, rights, and entitlements of the individual;
  • In maintaining a safe and secure environment;
  • In the placement of offenders in the least restrictive environment consistent with public safety and offense severity;
  • That community participation and support are essential for the successful delivery of correctional services;
  • That victims have the right to have an active role in determining how their needs can best be met;
  • That offenders are responsible, to the extent possible, to repair harm done to victims and the community;
  •  In professional self-improvement; and
  • In teamwork and the process of continuous improvement.