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About Us

The Operating Philosophy of the Department of Corrections


We create safety and equity by seeing potential, supporting change, and serving communities.


We lead through innovation.

We support staff wellness.

We create rewarding career opportunities.

We ensure our facilities and field offices are safe, secure, and healthy.

We provide justice-involved individuals with opportunities for self-improvement.

We cultivate meaningful partnerships.

We advance restorative justice practices.


Accountability: We, individually and collectively, act in accordance with our mission and values in service to our vision.

Collaboration: We succeed when we have diverse and equitable partnerships that include our communities and the people in our care and custody.

Compassion: We treat everyone with respect and dignity and respond empathetically to people's lived experience.

Equity: We address systemic barriers that hinder opportunity and use fair and impartial decision-making.

Innovation: We use evolving research from diverse communities to identify, develop, and implement effective practices.

Integrity: We practice our values in an honest and transparent way.

Safety: We create an equitable culture of physical, emotional, and material wholeness.