Policies, Directives, and Rules

Policies, Administrative Directives, Interim Procedures & Interim Revision Memos


An Administrative Directive is an outline of procedural guidelines and expectations of staff, which complies with the rules of the Department, correctional best practice, and relevant Vermont and federal statutes and APA rules. Administrative Directives contain a brief statement of policy.


As you view the Directives you will sometimes see the note "Redacted 'A' for public use". 'A' documents are security-sensitive, have restricted access, and are exempt from public disclosure. The security-sensitive information has been blacked out of the posted version, leaving the rest of the document accessible to the public.

Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Rules

An APA Rule is a general statement which implements or interprets law or policy and which has been adopted as required by the State of Vermont’s Administrative Procedures Act. Rules have the force of law unless amended or revised or unless a court determines otherwise.

Recent New/Revised Policies, Directives, Procedures, and Rules



New and revised documents under development are posted for comment prior to finalization. You may provide feedback on APA Proposed Rules or Directives & Policies by reading them and emailing comments to DOC Staff during the comment period. If you have difficulty accessing any of these documents, please email DOC Staff. You also may provide feedback on APA Proposed Rules by attending public hearings, the dates of which will be posted. 


If you have any questions concerning Department of Corrections APA Rules, Policies, and Administrative Directives, please contact:

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