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Transitional Housing

The Community and Restorative Justice Unit of the Vermont Department of Corrections has funded a transitional housing program for those re-entering the community from incarceration since 2005.

The portfolio of DOC-funded Transitional Housing currently consists of partnerships with 18 community providers, including non-profits, community justice centers, and municipalities.  These grantees are funded to provide the capacity of approximately 250 beds/apartments statewide and typically provide housing and support services to over 500 unique individuals per year.

A number of individuals incarcerated by the State of Vermont, who are eligible for release, lack appropriate housing to return to the community and could benefit from services that support successful reintegration and provide links to permanent housing opportunities. The DOC recognizes the need to develop community partnerships in order for the men and women leaving its facilities to successfully transition back to the community and avoid homelessness.