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Population Data

Incarcerated Population Numbers

Note: When you click on Daily Population Report for today the report will open the PDF in a new window.

Daily Incarcerated Population Report 06-14-2024

Past Daily Incarcerated Population Data

Incarcerated Population Interactive Dashboard

Interactive dashboard that includes longitudinal point-in-time data from the Incarcerated Characteristics, Violent Crime, Minimum Release, Race, and Gender Reports. Note: point-in-time reports are available through 12/31/2023. This information can now be found within the dashboard hyperlinked below.

Incarcerated Population Interactive Dashboard: Last Updated 04-30-2024

Incarcerated Population Characteristics Reports

Point-in-time analyses of the incarcerated population including crime, demographic, and facility breakdowns.

Note: Depending on your settings, the report link below will open a PDF in your web browser or download the PDF to your computer or device.

Most Recent Incarcerated Population Characteristics Report 12-31-2023

Past Incarcerated Population Characteristics Reports

Community Supervision Population Report

Point-in-time analyses of the population supervised in the community including crime, demographic, and supervision location.

Most Recent Community Supervision Population Report 04-30-2024

Past Community Supervision Population Reports                                           


Facility Total Population Over Time
Population Numbers 06-14-2024 Chart