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Northern State Correctional Facility: Covid Testing Update

Waterbury, VT – Vermont Department of Corrections (Vermont DOC) is reporting 19 new cases of Covid-19 among incarcerated individuals and two new staff cases in the outbreak at Northern State Correctional Facility (NSCF) in Newport. The cases were detected both independently and in testing conducted March 11.

The outbreak began after one staff member and 21 incarcerated individuals tested positive for the virus in testing conducted February 23, 2021. There are currently 37 positive incarcerated cases and 6 positive staff cases at the facility. Four staff are expected to be medically cleared early this week.

One-hundred prior positive individuals have been medically cleared to leave isolation at NSCF, which means they are no longer considered Covid-positive or exhibiting symptoms of the virus. The entire facility is being tested again today and has been in full lockdown since receipt of the first positive results on February 25. Northeast Correctional Complex is also in full lockdown. All other state facilities are in modified lockdown.  

“All of the new positive incarcerated cases came from one unit, which matches our experience with the virus,” said Commissioner Jim Baker. “Our team continues to do their level best to mitigate the spread across the facility.”

As of Monday morning, a total of 12 staff and 38 incarcerated individuals statewide are positive for the virus.

Families and friends of incarcerated individuals are encouraged to reach out to the Vermont DOC Office of Constituency Services with questions: Click here for the direct link to the online Friends and Family portal.

Daily updates on the COVID-19 response in Vermont’s correctional facilities can be found at

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