PRIN Committees

There are two committees involved in implementing change for the PRIN project:

Steering Committee:

Responsible for day-to-day activities at SSCF, developing climate survey, conducting the research, and advocating for change informed by the research practices to improve the conditions at SSCF.

Steering Committee Members:

PRIN Info Sheet Vermont Site Updated September 2020

University of Vermont (UVM)

  • Kathy Fox, PhD: Professor, Department of Sociology; Research Partner
  • Abby Crocker, PhD: Research Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics; Research Partner

Urban Institute (Urban)

  • Jesse Jannetta: Senior Policy Fellow, Vermont Site
  • Lauren Farrell: Policy Assistant, Vermont Site
  • Rudy Perez: Research Analyst, Vermont Site
  • Aristotle Jones: Government Affairs Coordinator, Vermont Site

Department of Corrections (DOC)

  • Brad GoodHale: Prison Research and Innovation Network Manager (PRIM)
  • Michaela Merrill: SSCF Assistant Superintendent
  • Mike Lyon: SSCF Superintendent
  • Judy Henkin: Deputy Commissioner
  • Al Cormier: PRIN Chief, Vermont Site; Chief of Operations
  • Monica Weeber: Administrative Services Director
  • Jess King-Mohr: Lead Research Analyst

Executive Committee:

Diverse, knowledgeable advisory panel made up of various stakeholders who can leverage what is learned by the Steering Committee to make change actionable.

Executive Committee Members:
  • Dr. Lorelei Ammons: VitalCore Chief Operating Officer—Clinical Services
  • Senator Tim Ashe: VT State Senator—Chittenden County
  • James Baker: Interim DOC Commissioner
  • Senator Becca Balint: VT State Senator—Majority Leader
  • Tim Burgess: Formerly Incarcerated & Advocate
  • Tom Dalton: Executive Director—Vermonter’s for Criminal Justice Reform
  • Representative Alice Emmons: VT House of Representatives—Springfield
  • Sarah George: State's Attorney—Chittenden County
  • Ashley Messier: Formerly Incarcerated & Advocate
  • Representative Marybeth Redmond: VT House of Representatives—Essex
  • David Scherr: Co-Cheif of Community Justice Division—VT Attorney General's Office
  • Senator Dick Sears: VT State Senator—Bennington County
  • Karen Tronsgard-Scott: Executive Director—VT Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Michael Groner: Vermont State Emeployees Association
  • Kendal Smith: Vermont Governor's Office 
Executive Committee Meeting Recordings and Notes

4th Executive Committee Meeting Recording: 03-19-2021

3rd Executive Committee Meeting Recording: 01-15-2021

2nd Executive Committee Meeting Recording: 11-20-2020

1st Executive Committee Meeting Recording: 8-21-2020

Note: Due to technological issues, this meeting starts at the Question and Answer/Discussion section in the second half of the meeting. The first half of the meeting included presentations from the Urban Institute and University of Vermont. These presentations can be found in the PRIN Informational Documents and Presentations tab (hyperlinked here).

2nd Executive Committee Meeting Notes: 11-20-20

1st Executive Committee Meeting Notes: 8-21-2020


Contact Information

Administrative Offices
NOB 2 South, 280 State Drive
Waterbury VT 05671-2000
Administrative Assistant: Emily Rotax
Phone: (802) 241-2442

Records Officer
Charles Remick, (802) 241-2442
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View the statewide public record requests database

Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Compliance Director
Heidi Fox, (802) 798-2682