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Vermont DOC Makes Award to Jenna's Promise for Reentry Services

Waterbury, VT – The Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) this week awarded a Justice Reinvestment grant totaling $240,952 to Jenna’s Promise, a non-profit recovery organization based in Johnson, Vermont. The funding will expand reentry services and community supports for formerly incarcerated women recovering from addiction.  

“We are deeply grateful to have the support of the DOC and everyone who made this possible for entrusting us with the resources to further enhance our Recovery Village Model, a paradigm-shifting approach that addresses substance use but also mental health, physical health, trauma, and other barriers and basic needs to facilitate better long-term outcomes,” said Daniel Franklin, co-executive director of Jenna’s Promise. “We strive to help people, families, and our communities to heal and recover in part by helping to nurture meaningful connections, purpose, dignity, and hope in the lives of the people we serve. This funding will help us in our work to support people who have much to offer our communities if given the opportunity to live healthier, happier, and more prosperous lives.” 

Corrections officials say these funds will address current gaps for women exiting incarceration – and aim to reduce the need for incarceration in the future. 

“Jenna’s Promise is a pioneer in Vermont’s recovery network. Not only do they provide wraparound services to women healing from addiction, but they also deeply embed these services in Vermont’s communities,” said Nicholas J. Deml, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Corrections. “This community-centered recovery model will deeply benefit women navigating the return to their communities – and help to support these individuals on their recovery journey. The Department is pleased to support the mission and work of Jenna’s Promise.” 

The Department provides grants to support reentry initiatives and alternatives to incarceration, including funding for transitional housing, reparative processes, Community Justice Centers, and reentry services. In 2024, the Department distributed $10.6 million dollars to support restorative and community-based services across Vermont.