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Welcome to the Vermont Department of Corrections official homepage.

On this website you will find information and resources about community safety, offender accountability, victim services, offender education and programming, community involvement, and community and reparative justice.

The Department of Corrections is a part of the Vermont Agency of Human Services.

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What's New

RFP - Psychosexual Evaluator for DOC In-Patient Sex Offender Treatment Program

2015-02-12: The VTPSA is a cognitive-behavioral treatment program for convicted sex offenders. There are currently three institutional programs for sex offenders. There are community based treatment programs in 11 counties. The major goals of the program are to help offenders (1) accept responsibility for sexual offending, (2) modify distorted thinking patterns, (3) enhance victim empathy, (4) control deviant sexual urges, (5) improve social competence, (6) develop relapse prevention skills, and (7) develop community support networks. The institutional and community based programs are a continuum and adhere to common philosophy and practices.

RFP - Certified/Licensed Polygraph Examiner for Correctional Clients under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, Vermont Treatment Program for Sexual Aggressors

2015-02-05: The Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC), Vermont Center for Prevention & Treatment of Sexual Abuse is seeking proposals to provide polygraph examinations for correctional clients under the supervision of the Vermont Department of Corrections, Vermont Treatment Program for Sexual Abusers (VTPSA). Anticipated contract period will be 06/01/2015 through 05/31/2017, with option to renew for two consecutive one year periods. The option to renew will be based upon performance of contractor and continued funding.

RFP - Prisoner Transportation

2015-01-23: The Vermont Department of Corrections, henceforth referred to as the “State”, seeks a company to provide prisoner transportation services for offenders* lawfully wanted by the State of Vermont and detained in out of State jurisdictions. This contract covers prisoner transportation within the continental United States.

2nd RELEASE OF RFP-Comprehensive Healthcare Services for Inmates

2014-08-11: The DOC is soliciting bids from qualified vendors to provide a range of health services for inmates at its correctional facilities with strong emphasis placed on the vendor’s inclusion as part of the bid an amount to cover implementation and subsequent use of technology applications, specifically an EHR sufficient to meet the needs of DOC in providing care coordination, continuity and linkages on behalf of inmates during incarceration as well as during all transitions of care including but not limited to interstate and intrastate transfers, reentry to the community and re-admission to DOC. The Department is seeking bidders who are committed to working with other AHS departments and community-based health and behavioral health providers, including but not limited to Peer Recovery and Support Services, to ensure continuity of care before, during, and after an individual’s period of incarceration.

Job Posting

2014-06-11: The State of Vermont is currently seeking a candidate to fill an exempt position, Director of Pre-Trial Services.
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