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COVID Information

COVID Information and Updates

Family and friends can set up video visitation by registering through the provider. You can also type the following address into a web browser

More information for family and friends can be found on the Constituency Services page.

Infectious Disease Protocol

Workforce Message May 26, 2023

Infectious Disease Protocol May 25, 2023


COVID Testing HISTORICAL Information

The dashboard below contains historical COVID testing information for incarcerated individuals, staff, and longitudinal positive cases for those groups over time since COVID testing began on March 23, 2020 until COVID tracking ended May 25, 2023. The information contained in this dashboard is historical and no longer provides current COVID testing information.

The dashboard below has 3 pages, with a navigation bar at the bottom of the dashboard:

Note: Beginning Tuesday, November 15, 2022, updated COVID testing information was available for only staff working in a correctional facility. All other staff COVID testing information was no longer reported to or tracked by the DOC.

  1. Page 1: COVID Testing Information: Incarcerated Individuals shows COVID-positive testing and isolation information for individuals incarcerated at any of the six in-state facilities and out-of-state facility in Mississippi.
  2. Page 2: COVID Testing Information: Staff shows COVID-positive testing information for all staff while employed by the DOC.
  3. Page 3: Longitudinal COVID Testing Tracking: DOC Staff and Incarcerated Individuals shows COVID-positive cases since March 23, 2020 for staff and incarcerated individuals.

This dashboard is interactive! On the Incarcerated Individuals page (Page 1), please use the Correctional Facility filter to see the COVID information on the left side of the page update; on the Staff page, click on any location (bar) on the bar graph to see the information on the left side of the page update.