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Policy Documents and Rules

Policy Documents

All publicly available administrative rules, policies, administrative directives, standard operating procedures (SOPs), guidance documents, interim memos, and other policy documents which outline the policy and procedures of the Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) can be found by clicking on the link below.  Documents marked "Redacted" or "Level A" are security-sensitive and exempt from public disclosure. The security-sensitive information has been redacted from the posted version, leaving the rest of the document accessible to the public.

DOC Policy Documents


Recent New/Revised Policy Documents

Issued 1/30/2024

Court, Attorney, and Third Party Processes Standard Operating Procedure - Effective 02/01/2024

Attachment A:  Facility Aliases and Booking Phone Number for After-Hours - Effective 02/01/2024

Attachment B:  Court Schedule and Contact Information - Effective 02/01/2024

Issued 12/14/2023

#403.04, Special Observations - Effective 01/13/2024

Issued 12/07/2023

Facility Incident Reporting Standard Operating Procedure

Field Incident and Violation Reporting Standard Operating Procedure

Issued 10/17/2023

#326, Admitting, and Housing, Emerging Adults Aged 18 and Younger

Issued 10/09/2023

#342, Legal Reports: Presentence Investigations (PSI), Intermediate Sanctions, Pre-Releases, and Pardons

Issued 10/05/2023

#348, Community Supervision, corrected copy reissued 10/31/23

#371.25, Parole Board Reviews and Recommendations

Issued 07/19/2023

#362, Suicide Prevention and Response to Self-Injurious Incarcerated Individuals

#320, Grievance System



Feedback related to policy documents is always welcome.  Please email the DOC Policy Development Unit with specific feedback that should be considered in the revision process.

You also may provide feedback on Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Proposed Rules in writing or by attending public hearings.  For more details, please see the APA Rules heading below.


Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Rules

An APA Rule implements or interprets law or policy and is adopted according to the Vermont Administrative Procedures Act. APA Rules have the force of law unless amended or revised, or unless a court determines otherwise.

Emergency Rule Filings


Permanent Rule Filing



If you have questions concerning Department of Corrections' policy documents, or need a special accommodation, please contact:

Christine Cowart
Policy Development Unit, DOC
280 State Drive
NOB 2 South
Waterbury, Vermont 05671-1001