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Recidivism Dashboard

Recidivism Dashboard

Below is the interactive recidivism dashboard with demographic information for CY2014-CY2019. 

To utilize this dashboard effectively, you can choose the specific criteria for which you desire recidivism information. By default, no filters are pre-selected. Use the "Select All Filters" button to select all filters and use the "Clear All Filters" button to clear all filters, or select individual filters that interest you. See the box below the recidivism numbers for confirmation of what data is being shown. Some filter combinations may result in no individuals meeting those criteria, thus not being represented in the data or the confirmation box. Data are "suppressed" to avoid disclosure of confidential information. Similarly, if 0 is displayed, it indicates that no individuals match the selected criteria.

Citation- 2011 Act 41 Section 5: “The Department shall calculate the rate of recidivism based upon offenders who are sentenced to more than one year of incarceration who, after release from incarceration, return to prison within three years for a conviction for a new offense or a violation of supervision resulting, and the new incarceration sentence or time served on the violation is at least 90 days.” The definition of a prison sentence is sentenced to serve (maximum) more than one year (US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics). Thus, recidivism does NOT include the incarcerated individuals released each year with a shorter "jail" sentence of one year or less.

For tips and tricks on how to use a Power BI Dashboard created by the Research & Data Unit, please reference the Interactive Dashboard Tips & Tricks Infographic

There are data definitions and explanations included when hovering over i icons. For more information about DOC policy or data terms used in reporting, please see the Glossary of Terms document found under DOC Policy Documents on the Policies, Directives, and Rules DOC webpage.