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Northern State Correctional Facility (NSCF) - Newport

Northern State Correctional Facility

2559 Glen Road
Newport, VT 05855
Phone: (802) 334-3364
Fax: (802) 334-3367


Superintendent: Amy Jacobs 
Assistant Superintendent of Security: Alisha Coffey
Interim Assistant Superintendent of Program Services: Jeff Corrow
Security and Operations Supervisor: Rolando Dwyer
Security and Operations Supervisor: Byron Burdick
Living Unit Supervisors: Joseph Silvestri, Robin Brown
Facility ADA Coordinator: Byron Burdick Back-Up: Amy Jacobs

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Information about visiting rules and procedures can be found in the Department's Administrative Directive on Inmate Visits.

Visiting at NSCF

Visiting Hours

Visiting at NSCF is scheduled Alphabetically by the Inmate's last name
Visiting Hours are as follows:

  • A-C Saturday   9 -11 am
  • D-K Saturdays 1 -  3 pm
  • L-Q Sundays   9 - 11 am
  • R-Z Sundays   1 -   3 pm

Helpful tips for visiting NSCF:

  • A valid photo ID is required for all visitors
  • Dress appropriately – persons whose dress is deemed inappropriate may be turned away.
  • Arrive at the facility no more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled visiting time.
  • Items may not be exchanged during visiting.
  • Bathrooms are not available during visiting; please use the bathroom in the reception area prior to visiting.
  • Physical contact between adult visitors and inmates is not permitted.
  • All persons entering NSCF are subject to being searched.