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About the Department of Corrections

Contact information for the Department as well as information about the Department's philosophy, policies and directives, and links to other sites of interest.

Contact the Vermont Department of Corrections
Mailing address, telephone, and email contact information
Map to Central Office
A link to google maps showing where the Department of Corrections Central Office is located in Waterbury Vt.
Vision, Mission, Values and Principles
The operating philosophy of the Vermont Department of Corrections.
Policies and Directives
The operating rules, polices and administrative directives of the Vermont Department of Corrections.
Published Reports
Published reports from the Department of Corrections, including the annual Facts and Figures.
Current Contracts
A list of Department of Corrections current contacts
What Happens When Someone is Convicted of a Crime?
Explanations of various sentencing options and the concept of offender risk management. (under construction)
Vermont Parole Board
The Parole Board is the only releasing authority for offenders eligible for parole
Correctional Links
Links to other websites of interest.
Reward and Recognition
Staff members that have been recognized for their service and the value they put on achieving the department's mission to "Protect the public and to effect meaningful change".