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The Department of Mental Health says "Thank you"

A "thank you" for the Department of Corrections and the Southern State Correctional Facility

Commissioner Moulton & Commissioner Pallito

To the Staff from Commissioner Pallito

Today, Commissioner Moulton surprised us with a presentation of a plaque thanking the Department of Corrections and the Southern State Correctional Facility for helping their clients after Tropical Storm Irene. Commissioner Moulton also included a letter which she read during the presentation.

"On behalf of the DOC, thank you and your staff for their hard work and for accommodating our fellow AHS Department during their time of need."

Dr. Burroughs-Biron is headed to Springfield tomorrow. I have asked her to present you with the Plaque and letter and I would like you to display the plaque somewhere in your entry way.

Thank you again for your hard work,


Plaque From Department of Mental Health


Letter from the Department of Mental Health


Dear Commissioner Pallito:

On behalf of the Department of Mental Health, I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to you and your staff for the sacrifice made by the Department of Corrections following Tropical Storm Irene's destruction of the Vermont State Hospital. This resulted in the displacement of our patients, and Corrections stepped forward to clear a unit for a small contingent of patients who could not access hospital beds. While this affected the Southern State Correctional facility, we recognize the significant impact closure of this unit had throughout your entire system.

We would also like to thank the staff of Southern State Correctional facility for assisting us with special accommodations for our staff and patients, while enduring the increased traffic of staff and family members onto the unit. We are very grateful for this extension of assistance during our time of crisis. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Mary D. Moulton


Department of Mental Health

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