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As a prospective Correctional Officer it is important that you understand that one of the essential tasks associated with the job is the ability to don a self-contained breathing apparatus and perform evacuation procedures, potentially including search and rescue functions. The department must adhere to OSHA standards that relate to use of such devices, including CFR §1910.134(e), "Medical Evaluation," which in part states: "Employers must provide a medical evaluation to determine each employee's fitness to wear a respirator."

Medical evaluations consist of the administration of a medical questionnaire, but in some cases, based upon answers provided, employees or applicants must be referred for a physical examination. Simply, you must be medically cleared to wear the self-contained breathing apparatus in order to perform evacuation procedures as a Correctional Officer. All Correctional Officers also receive "Fit Testing" to ensure a good seal, and as a result Correctional Officers must be clean shaven. The process to ensure medical fitness and the ability to obtain an effective seal for the breathing apparatus currently takes place after employment, during the residential portion of the Correctional Officer Training Academy. All medical evaluations are paid for by the Department of Corrections.

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