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Policies, Directives, and Rules

The current operating documents of the Department are accessible from the pages linked below. This page is a living document representing the most up-to-date version of the Department's Policy and Directive index and Administrative Procedures Act (APA) rules.

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Policies, Administrative Directives, Interim Procedures & Interim Revision Memos

The current Policies and Directives of the Department of Corrections, organized by document number, can be found here.

The current Interim Procedures and Interim Revision Memos can be found here.

An Administrative Directive is an outline of procedural guidelines and expectations of staff, which complies with the rules of the Department, correctional best practice, and relevant Vermont and federal statutes and APA rules. Administrative Directives contain a brief statement of policy.

As you view the Directives you will sometimes see the note "Redacted 'A' for public use". 'A' documents are security-sensitive, have restricted access, and are exempt from public disclosure. The security-sensitive information has been blacked out of the posted version, leaving the rest of the document accessible to the public.


Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Rules

The current APA Rules of the Department of Corrections can be found here.

An APA Rule is a general statement which implements or interprets law or policy and which has been adopted as required by the State of Vermont’s Administrative Procedures Act. Rules have the force of law unless amended or revised or unless a court determines otherwise.
Recent New/Revised Policies, Directives, Procedures, and Rules

Recent Policies, Directives, Procedures, and Rules

New Interim Memo #385 - Inmate Access to Courts - Effective 03/28/2017

Revised Directive #380.01 - Religious Services - Effective 04/03/2017

New Directive #435 - Gender Responsivity - Effective 03/30/2017

New Directive #434 - Investigations - Effective 03/16/2017

Revised Directive #427 - Security Threat Groups - Effective 03/13/2017

Interim Memo - Out of State Eligibility - Effective 01/18/2017

Revised Directive #321.01 - Offender Property - Effective 01/03/2017

New Directive #354 - Food Service Operations - Effective 01/03/2017

Revised Directive #301 - Resident Handbooks - Effective 01/03/2017

Revised Directive #502.01 - Victim Notification - Effective 12/16/2016

Revised Directive #371.02 - Case Management - Effective 12/01/2016

Revised Directive #05 - Lines of Authority - Effective 08/17/2016

New Directive #254.07 - Electronic Signatures - Effective 08/03/2016

New Interim Memo - DNA Sample Collection - Effective 07/16/2016

Revised Directive - Use of Force - Effective 07/20/2016

New Interim Memo - Home Confinement - Effective 07/01/2016

New Interim Memo - Sentence Computations - Effective 06/16/2016

Revised Directive #371.22 - Out of State Selection, Transfer, and Supplemental Facility Placement - Effective 06/17/2016

New Directive #01 - Mission and Philosophy - Effective 06/14/2016

Revised Directive #254.05 - Sealed & Expunged Records - Field - Effective 03/31/2016

New Directive #363.02 - Opioid Overdose Intervention - Effective 03/28/2016

New Interim Memo - Sex Offender Housing Determinations - Effective 03/14/2016

New Interim Memo - Release to Unapproved Housing - Furlough - Effective 02/17/2016

New Directive #433 - Non-Employee (Inmate) Identification Cards - Effective 02/15/2016

New Directive #430.11 -Response to Furlough Violations - Effective 03/01/2016

New Interim Memo - Health Services Title Changes - Effective 12/17/15

New Directive #254.06 - Staff Access to Offender Information - Effective 01/02/16

Revised Directive #376 - Volunteer Services and Management - Effective 01/01/16

Revised Directive #02 - Policy Development, Implementation, and Management - Effective 10/1/15

Revised Directive 409.01 -Searches - Effective 9/1/15

New Directive 127 - Threats on Staff - Effective 9/1/15

New Directive 430.12 - Electronic Monitoring - Effective 9/1/15

Revised Directive 340.01 - Supervision Transfers - Effective 7/1/15

Revised Directive 326. 01 - Housing of Individuals Under 18 - Effective 7/1/15

Revised Directive 409.01 - Searches - Effective 02/22/15

Revised Directive 118.02 - Reporting and Investigating Unlawful Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Retaliation in the Workplace - Effective 02/22/15

Revised Directive 409.09 - Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) & Staff Sexual Misconduct - Facilities - Effective 02/22/15

New Directive 432.01 - Gender Identification, Care, and Custody - Effective 02/22/15

Revised Directive 122.01 - Employee Selection and Promotion - Effective 02/22/15

Revised Policy 126 - Staff Sexual Misconduct Involving Offenders - Effective 02/22/15

Interim Memo - Staff Discipline with Regards to the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) - Effective 02/22/15

New Directive 431.01, Home Detention - Effective 1/6/14

New Directive 422.02, Body Armor - Field - effective 12/2/13

Interim Revision Memo - 371.26, Reintegration Furlough - effective 10/2/13

Interim Revision Memo Update - Changes to Several Administrative Directives regarding offenders convicted of sex offenses (Applies to #371.15, #371.26, #371.05, #371.08, #371.12, #371.24, #371.25, #425.02)

New Directive 409.09, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) & Staff Sexual Misconduct - Facilities - effective 6/2/14


Recent Rules

New Rule: Custody, Control, and Preservation of Information Related to Risk Assessment and Needs Screening - Effective 10-1-15

New Rule: Searches for the Purpose of Limiting the Introduction of Contraband into Correctional Facilities- Effective 9-1-15

Revised APA Rule 325, Telephone Use - Effective 12/31/13

Recent Superseded/Rescinded Documents



Departmental Forms

 The current Departmental Forms Library can be found here.



The current Glossary can be found here.

The Glossary contains a list of all the current terms and definitions used in Department rules, policies and administrative directives.



New and revised documents under development are posted for comment prior to finalization. You may provide feedback on APA Proposed Rules or Directives & Policies by reading them and sending comments to during the comment period. If you have difficulty accessing any of these documents, please email . You also may provide feedback on APA Proposed Rules by attending public hearings, the dates of which will be posted. 

Policies and Directives Final Feedback and DOC Response:

#435 Gender Responsivity - Response to Feedback

#371.02 Case Management - Response to Feedback

#354 Food Service Operations - Response to Feedback

#321.01 Offender Property - Response to Feedback

#05 Lines of Authority - Response to Feedback

#254.07 Electronic Signatures - Response to Feedback

#371.22 Out of State Selection, Transfer, and Supplemental Facility Placement - Response to Feedback

#01 Mission and Philosophy - Response to Feedback

#254.05 Sealed and Expunged - Field - Response to Feedback

#363.02 Opioid Overdose Intervention - Response to Feedback

#433 Non-Employee (Inmate) Identification Cards - Response to Feedback

#430.11 Response to Furlough Violations - Response to Feedback

#254.06 Staff Access to Offender Information - Response to Feedback

#376 Volunteer Services - Response to Feedback

#409.01 Searches - Response to Feedback

#430.12 Electronic Monitoring - Response to Feedback

#340.01 Supervision Transfers - Response to Feedback

#326.01 Housing of Individuals Under 18 - Response to Feedback

#118.02 Reporting and Investigating Unlawful Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Retaliation in the Workplace - Response to Feedback

#432.01 Gender Identification, Care, and Custody - Response to Feedback

#409.01 Searches - Response to Feedback

#122.01 Employee Selection and Promotion - Response to Feedback

#429.01 Youthful Offender - Response to Feedback

Proposed Policies & Directives:



Proposed APA Rules:


Revised APA Rule - Use of a Private Collection Agency for the Collection of Fees, Fines, and Restitution and for Administrative Servicing of Some Cases - Annotated Text; Use of a Private Collection Agency for the Collection of Fees, Fines, and Restitution and for Administrative Servicing of Some Cases - Clean Text



You may also send written or fax comment to:

Policy Development Unit

Department of Corrections

103 South Main Street

Waterbury Vermont 05671-1001

Fax: 802-951-5086 


If you have any questions concerning Department of Corrections APA Rules, Policies, and Administrative Directives, please contact:

Monica Weeber,